Tag: hardware

  • Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for Android

    So, Sony has finally done what I’d hoped for ages ago and released a controller to make use of their library in some regard. One with the Backbone pedigree, which of course is most famous for its iPhone usage, where the Kishi had been given room to thrive on Android, which I’ll be spending a […]

  • How to set up the PlayStation VR 2

    This handy guide will walk you through setting up the PSVR2 the way I did it. It is reflective of my experience only, but may be useful to a wider audience. (And yes, this is really what happened.) Getting started: Open the PSVR2 outer packaging. Attempt to open the inner packaging. Try to carefully remove […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

    Since my second Sony SmartWatch 3 has died (my Sony SmartWatch 2 is still trucking), I found it necessary to get another watch to alternate charging with. As far as battery goes, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the only one on the market not advertised to last "until supper, maybe, if you leave it […]

  • Modular systems

    So rumors are milling about Sony coming out with a new slimline PS5 unit with a Blu-ray drive peripheral and the gaming press at least seems to be on board with the idea. I’m right there with them. Modularity in tech is a good thing. I know Sega got a ton of flak for the […]

  • PlayStation 5, first impressions

    I almost considered doing an unboxing video, but I figured there were probably plenty of those that were far more interesting than anything I could do. Plus it came really late and I still don’t have a better spot than my greenhouse, so I just wanted to set it up. The first thing you’ll notice […]

  • WonderSwan

    I got a WonderSwan basically because of my interest in Buffers Evolution and because I saw a choice: a) I could watch a longplay, or b) I could get the full experience, hold this stuff in my hands, and THEN watch a longplay if I sucked too hard. YouTube is nice, but the promise of […]