Tag: GameDev

  • “World of Jerako” page updated!

    The World of Jerako page has been updated to add Jerako: Walk With Me! I’m glad to add this tool in progress to my future offerings. The best part is it’s pretty achievable! So it’ll probably be ready before really anything else that’s not already out. Getting a small window into Jerako out to the […]

  • The Goofy-Pluto Problem

    Inspired by conversations elsewhere and to explain some of the problems I’m likely to face in terms of introducing Jerako as a world, this is something I’m not sure I’ve actually written a blog post about before and is worth talking about as a means of exploring media as a whole. What is a man? […]

  • Superhero League of Wausau page update

    Since I’ve been focused a bit on this one lately, I’ve decided to share a little fun! Click around; see what happens! Link!

  • 10 Music Composition Tips

    Do you want to get into music? Do you have a formal education in it? No? Cool, me, neither, but then neither does Nobuo Uematsu, so that’s not the barrier it could be. So what do I have to offer? Lots, actually. Tip #1: Theory isn’t everything Have you ever gone on YouTube to listen […]

  • Unity is not a virus

    In case you’re not in the loop, Unity just made a very poor decision in one of their many aquisitions. After laying off like 400 employees worldwide, they decided to drop like 4x the price of the esteemed Weta CG studio on an ad tech company with a sketchy past, which, frankly, isn’t quite the […]

  • Retro Authenticity

    This goes hand-in-hand with my previous rant, but when doing retro graphics and sound, authenticity is something very important to me. I won’t say that everything I do is 100% authentic. Far from it. But everything I do is done intentionally with the best understanding of the limitations I have at the time and tested […]