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  • Sequels and Remasters: sucking the marrow from your bones

    Something others have said, but might be worth a take on, is that sequels and remakes are what the industry does when it doesn’t know what else to do. Remasters especially epitomize this, seeing as you essentially have the game already. But if you’re wondering why, the answer is very simple: because pencil-pushers only know […]

  • Marmite

    Normally, I wouldn’t do a food review, but as an American, I decided to do it for reasearch purposes. It started with an article and continued with a novelization of the original Final Fantasy I can’t talk about here, but I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is and take the […]

  • Biscuits and Gravy

    You know what burns my biscuits? Bicuits and gravy. Or rather bad biscuits and gravy. I have a process when I visit a new restaurant: if biscuits and gravy is on the menu, that’s my order. It is the measure of any restaurant that serves it because it tells me everything I need to know […]