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  • Why “The Perfect Gift” is an awful tale

    Around the holidays, a million variations of this story under various names always crawl out of the woodwork. A man and a woman love each other very much, but rather than babies happening, both of them sell their most prized possession to get each other an accessory for the other’s prized possession. Yes, the whole […]

  • Why “Quiet Quitting” is a Lie

    The "trend" of "Quiet Quitting" is all over the news right now and it’s absolutely made up by crappy bosses, right along with "nobody wants to work" and "nothing gets done remotely." This isn’t going to be long rant, but here’s why we know it’s BS: Because nobody is "quitting," unless you mean by "leaving […]

  • A Tale of Two Rivers

    There’s been talk back and forth about the drought in the West and possibly taking some of the water from the Mississippi to cover what the Colorado isn’t. To which I say: LIKE HECK! This is not about the average person; it’s about corporate greed. Let me lay down a brief history of the Colorado […]