Category: Rant Of The Moment

  • Unity is not a virus

    In case you’re not in the loop, Unity just made a very poor decision in one of their many aquisitions. After laying off like 400 employees worldwide, they decided to drop like 4x the price of the esteemed Weta CG studio on an ad tech company with a sketchy past, which, frankly, isn’t quite the […]

  • Corporations and Fandom

    Okay, so since I just posted a Rant of the Moment that playfully slagged a bunch of companies, games, and even a particular auteur, plus gave another company a much more honest if incredibly belated shellacking, and asked Sony to swoop in and rescue a market, let me be clear that nothing I write here […]

  • Handheld Consoles and Mobile Controllers

    With the Nintendo Switch marking the effective end of the handheld market, mobile is really now the only smaller platform left where experimentation can happen. The problem is that the mobile market is the absolute worst place for that to happen because of a few things: 1) both Apple and Google now make you constantly […]

  • Branding and post length

    This is something off the cuff, but in trying to get a decent auto-post format, I realized after the fact I was really "branding" my posts. I am not a brand. I don’t really want to BE a brand. I’m just me. But this blog has gotten me behaving a little differently and wanting people […]

  • Square Enix studio sales

    This is like super ice cold at this point, but Square Enix has announced the sale of three of its Western studios, at least some of their most desirable IP, and 50+ games from the back catalog, essentially reducing its Eidos arm to managing indie games via Square Enix Collective and Square Enix London Mobile, […]

  • Retro Authenticity

    This goes hand-in-hand with my previous rant, but when doing retro graphics and sound, authenticity is something very important to me. I won’t say that everything I do is 100% authentic. Far from it. But everything I do is done intentionally with the best understanding of the limitations I have at the time and tested […]

  • Retro Graphics

    Retro graphics are something I’ve adamantly defended since long before it was cool, and indeed essentially ever since LCD replaced CRT. First, it was "but what we have now is BETTER." Then, it became a matter of a flood of thinly-masked laziness that no one seemed to care about. Later, it became a matter of […]

  • Biscuits and Gravy

    You know what burns my biscuits? Bicuits and gravy. Or rather bad biscuits and gravy. I have a process when I visit a new restaurant: if biscuits and gravy is on the menu, that’s my order. It is the measure of any restaurant that serves it because it tells me everything I need to know […]