Category: Rant Of The Moment

  • The “Standard Fantasy Setting”

    To start this off, the fact that there’s such thing as a "standard" fantasy setting in itself is rather sad, because to be able to reduce something that never existed and never will to a "standard" shows a creative bankruptcy on the part of whole industries. This all boils down to how "influential" Tolkein was, […]

  • The bustling, yet empty handheld market

    Welp, it hasn’t even been that long, has it? It’s amazing how quickly things can change. There’s a PlayStation controller out for iPhone and renewed interest in the PSP seems to be trickling in. It’s probably only a matter of time before the Vita starts seeing more of the same love with what’s already there. […]

  • Why The Legend of Dragoon isn’t being remade

    Let it never be said that fans of The Legend of Dragoon aren’t a tenacious bunch, with them having just jumped on yet another remake project asking for this one-hit wonder to get some love instead. I mean, that’s evergreen, but this specific time it’s Horizon Zero Dawn, which they have a valid point came […]

  • Skyrim and the “10-year game”

    This is an ice cold take, but the gaming industry as it stands is reaching the limit of its sustanability and Skyrim is a prime example. In an environment where Skyrim has come out on everything but baby monitors and the market is flooded with HD remakes like Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning and all of […]

  • Defunding the police

    Yes, this is probably trouble for my "controversial content" clause, but the attack ads have made YouTube unwatchable, so here’s some hard facts. Do you like ambulance service? Yes? Then you like defunding the police. Let’s take an honest look at this and explore what defunding the police actually means. A paddy wagon for everything […]

  • The Goofy-Pluto Problem

    Inspired by conversations elsewhere and to explain some of the problems I’m likely to face in terms of introducing Jerako as a world, this is something I’m not sure I’ve actually written a blog post about before and is worth talking about as a means of exploring media as a whole. What is a man? […]

  • Why “Quiet Quitting” is a Lie

    The "trend" of "Quiet Quitting" is all over the news right now and it’s absolutely made up by crappy bosses, right along with "nobody wants to work" and "nothing gets done remotely." This isn’t going to be long rant, but here’s why we know it’s BS: Because nobody is "quitting," unless you mean by "leaving […]

  • Cybiko, Amazon Ring, and Briar

    What do a short-lived early 2000s teen-centric PDA, a novelty doorbell, and a privacy focused messaging app all have in common? Clearly they’re all intended for very different markets. The answer, of course, must then be universal. And that answer is network redundancy. Modern History 101 Cybiko kicked off the idea in the year 2000, […]

  • A Tale of Two Rivers

    There’s been talk back and forth about the drought in the West and possibly taking some of the water from the Mississippi to cover what the Colorado isn’t. To which I say: LIKE HECK! This is not about the average person; it’s about corporate greed. Let me lay down a brief history of the Colorado […]

  • 10 Music Composition Tips

    Do you want to get into music? Do you have a formal education in it? No? Cool, me, neither, but then neither does Nobuo Uematsu, so that’s not the barrier it could be. So what do I have to offer? Lots, actually. Tip #1: Theory isn’t everything Have you ever gone on YouTube to listen […]