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  • Sequels and Remasters: sucking the marrow from your bones

    Something others have said, but might be worth a take on, is that sequels and remakes are what the industry does when it doesn’t know what else to do. Remasters especially epitomize this, seeing as you essentially have the game already. But if you’re wondering why, the answer is very simple: because pencil-pushers only know […]

  • Web3 is dead

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the dog should’ve bit ya. Yes, Web3 is more or less over and nothing of value was lost. People are barely talking about it anymore except in derision because all of it was a solution looking for a problem. The Metaverse, as I noted in my review of […]

  • Me and my (fake) landline

    I posted a link to this cute Yahoo! story a while back on Mastodon about a small child who basically reinvented the landline. And for what it is, it’s a cute story, but you know a funny thing about small children and their silly ideas? You’re not going to compete with them on creativity. As […]

  • The Legend of Dragoon (PS4)

    It feels odd to be writing this, but not TOO odd, after writing about how a remake isn’t happening. In a way, I think it’s appropriate. First off because it’s not a remake, but second of all because it’s a good way to test the waters for whether there’s enough interest for there to eventually […]

  • Robotic Entertainment: The End of an Era

    In case you weren’t aware, Chuck E. Cheese’s is phasing out the remainder of their robotic performers. By the end of this year (2023), all stages will be ripped out, all bots completely destroyed beyond recognition per corporate policy. It’s taken a long time to reach this point and the story of how we got […]

  • Mass tech layoffs

    As if it wasn’t already clear, tens if not hundreds of thousands of tech workers have been and will be laid off in a cascade caused by the flailing husk of what used to be Twitter. To be clear, not all of the companies doing it are in dire straits. Most of them are posting […]

  • 5 Retro Kids Show Themes That Went Harder Than They Needed To

    Note that this isn’t a list of "themes that went hard" or else Thundercats would of course take the top spot, but despite what you might think watching some random part of it, that show trusted its age demographic with a LOT. I’ll also say that Silverhawks deserves and does not get just as much […]

  • Why “The Perfect Gift” is an awful tale

    Around the holidays, a million variations of this story under various names always crawl out of the woodwork. A man and a woman love each other very much, but rather than babies happening, both of them sell their most prized possession to get each other an accessory for the other’s prized possession. Yes, the whole […]

  • Modular systems

    So rumors are milling about Sony coming out with a new slimline PS5 unit with a Blu-ray drive peripheral and the gaming press at least seems to be on board with the idea. I’m right there with them. Modularity in tech is a good thing. I know Sega got a ton of flak for the […]

  • Retro is not good; last-gen is not bad

    I’ve seen a couple videos lately on the Jak and Daxter series and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion saying they have to be enjoyed as a product of their time because they just aren’t good by today’s standards, and in both cases they made the admission that it wasn’t graphics they were talking about. The […]