Category: Blue Star Creations Updates

  • Mobile site update – technical debt repaid

    After dedicating my lunch hour to screaming at the mess Past Me left, the mobile site has been brought into parity with the desktop site! There will still be work needed if any pages are restored, but that’s a problem for Future Me! It should be somewhat easier to deal with now regardless. Please enjoy […]

  • A parrot page/accessibility update

    The desktop site has been updated to make way for future announced projects. As much as I love my games, not all of them get much attention, but rather than remove them like The Power of Commands, I’ve moved everything (including The Power of Commands) into a page where they can continue to receive guilt […]

  • World of Jerako accessibility update

    In updating the page for Jerako: Walk With Me!, I ended up realizing my big accessibility improvement a while back failed to add alt text to all of the images. This will slowly be done across the site, but some pages will be more effort than others as I do various bits of cleanup to […]

  • “World of Jerako” page updated!

    The World of Jerako page has been updated to add Jerako: Walk With Me! I’m glad to add this tool in progress to my future offerings. The best part is it’s pretty achievable! So it’ll probably be ready before really anything else that’s not already out. Getting a small window into Jerako out to the […]

  • Superhero League of Wausau page update

    Since I’ve been focused a bit on this one lately, I’ve decided to share a little fun! Click around; see what happens! Link!

  • WordPress and ActivityPub

    Honestly, this whole thing has been a royal pain, but also to be honest, I can’t see how trying to set up something else would have been any easier. I’m really just hoping this works at this point and if it doesn’t I’m probably going to need to make a Github account to file a […]

  • Hello world!

    Well, this is take 2 on this because I ended up buying HTTPS to try to get this blog federated and doing that moved my whole site to a new server, which broke my database connection, so it was easiest to blow the whole thing away and start over. If you saw my first attempt, […]