World of Jerako accessibility update

In updating the page for Jerako: Walk With Me!, I ended up realizing my big accessibility improvement a while back failed to add alt text to all of the images. This will slowly be done across the site, but some pages will be more effort than others as I do various bits of cleanup to HTML tags (\<i> seems to be back in style and is just smaller and less of a pain to deal with than \<span> styles) and quite frankly, there are just secrets that more or less required it in other places, so those are fine. Maybe see if you can find them and let me know on Mastodon!

But really, seriously, inasmuch as possible, my hope for all Blue Star Creations projects to be enjoyable by as many people as possible regardless of any visual or auditory impairment. Things like sound cues should make navigating Ruby possible for anyone and there are also icons for sound cues to alert the deaf and hard of hearing to things that other players can hear, or just let you play with sound off. If I could do something for both at once, I would. My ideal world is one where screens are judged not just by their ARGB values, but also depth so people can feel the image. If people could play in dynamic Braille, push the buttons on the screen, and feel the images presented to them, I would buy the device in a heartbeat to make sure everything was compatible.

As it stands, though, I’ll admit the site has needed work for a long time and that technical debt of inexperienced me over 10 years ago is something present me is going to deal with.