A parrot page/accessibility update

The desktop site has been updated to make way for future announced projects. As much as I love my games, not all of them get much attention, but rather than remove them like The Power of Commands, I’ve moved everything (including The Power of Commands) into a page where they can continue to receive guilt work rather than being largely forgotten until site updates happen again.

All images have been updated with alt text in the process and a couple other minor adjustments have taken place to standardize on en dashes after titles, acknowledge this blog in the Links page, and finally update the tabs with non-breaking spaces like the mobile site.

The mobile site has not been adjusted (yet) because it’s late and I still have work in the morning, but I will standardize that, too, hopefully soon. It probably won’t take an unreasonable amount of work compared to my fumbling here.

In other news, there will probably be another tab joining the rest at some point in the future once I get enough graphics together for a mock-up. It seems to have staying power in my headspace and it’s achievable, so look forward to an announcement at some point! The site may look unusually bare for the moment, but it’s really only because so much got dumped into one page. There will be a new tab to fill out the empty space eventually and maybe something will get its old tab back at some point.