Author: bluestarultor

  • Buttons accessibility test

    PS buttons reference: X: X O: O Square: □ Triangle: Δ Options: Options Start: Start Share: Share PS: PS Touchpad: Touchpad Select: Select L1: L1 R1: R1 L2: L2 R2: R2 L3: L3 R3: R3 SNES Buttons reference A: A B: B X: X Y: Y L: L R: R Start: Start Select: Select N64 […]

  • Backbone One – PlayStation Edition for Android

    So, Sony has finally done what I’d hoped for ages ago and released a controller to make use of their library in some regard. One with the Backbone pedigree, which of course is most famous for its iPhone usage, where the Kishi had been given room to thrive on Android, which I’ll be spending a […]

  • Sequels and Remasters: sucking the marrow from your bones

    Something others have said, but might be worth a take on, is that sequels and remakes are what the industry does when it doesn’t know what else to do. Remasters especially epitomize this, seeing as you essentially have the game already. But if you’re wondering why, the answer is very simple: because pencil-pushers only know […]

  • Web3 is dead

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the dog should’ve bit ya. Yes, Web3 is more or less over and nothing of value was lost. People are barely talking about it anymore except in derision because all of it was a solution looking for a problem. The Metaverse, as I noted in my review of […]

  • Mobile site update – technical debt repaid

    After dedicating my lunch hour to screaming at the mess Past Me left, the mobile site has been brought into parity with the desktop site! There will still be work needed if any pages are restored, but that’s a problem for Future Me! It should be somewhat easier to deal with now regardless. Please enjoy […]

  • A parrot page/accessibility update

    The desktop site has been updated to make way for future announced projects. As much as I love my games, not all of them get much attention, but rather than remove them like The Power of Commands, I’ve moved everything (including The Power of Commands) into a page where they can continue to receive guilt […]

  • How to set up the PlayStation VR 2

    This handy guide will walk you through setting up the PSVR2 the way I did it. It is reflective of my experience only, but may be useful to a wider audience. (And yes, this is really what happened.) Getting started: Open the PSVR2 outer packaging. Attempt to open the inner packaging. Try to carefully remove […]

  • Me and my (fake) landline

    I posted a link to this cute Yahoo! story a while back on Mastodon about a small child who basically reinvented the landline. And for what it is, it’s a cute story, but you know a funny thing about small children and their silly ideas? You’re not going to compete with them on creativity. As […]

  • The Legend of Dragoon (PS4)

    It feels odd to be writing this, but not TOO odd, after writing about how a remake isn’t happening. In a way, I think it’s appropriate. First off because it’s not a remake, but second of all because it’s a good way to test the waters for whether there’s enough interest for there to eventually […]

  • Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

    This is really going to be a "first impressions," but let’s get the obvious out of the way: the question here is not whether the games themselves are good, but whether this is a worthy effort to bring them to modern systems. I’ll also touch on the games themselves a bit, because there are a […]